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If you wish to apply for any of the vacancies listed on this page, or if you wish to send us your credentials for any potential opportunities we may have in the future, please send us your CV, including your contact details and position applied to the email career@ilearnic.com 

Vacancies Available
Role Definition
  • Tele Marketing Executive is one who is responsible for Generate and develop qualified leads for your ownership course assign to target.
  • Undertake research as required to identify organizations and markets for your ownership course and for the sales team to target.
Responsibility   Deliverable
  1. Data Sourcing and Management Report.
  2. Tele calls to generate sales registration
  3. Develop selling skills and business knowledge to grow into a Senior Sales Consultant Executive.
Tasks & Activities Data Sourcing and Management Report.

  • Sourcing accurate contact details from online sources like Linkedin, Fundoodata, Google search of the decision maker of events from the HR and Marketing departments of companies in   the Industries.
  • Maintaining the database on the internal templates of the organization

Tele-Calling to generate sales registration

  • Spending 5 hours per day on calling up the decision makers of the target customer to get meetings for the sales team
  • Ensure thorough market coverage during sales cycle. Consistently achieving the Company’s standard for calls rates. (30calls morning / 30calls evening)
  • Write emails professionally to share company profile or any information the prospective client seeks about the company
  • Being the communication bridge between the prospective client and the Business Development team to ensure meeting details   accuracy
  • Maintain & improve sales performance in every month.
  • Review own sales performance.
  • Proactively manage the sales success of the assigned products and services.
  • Prepare weekly and monthly sales reports for the Sales Manager.


Develop selling skills and business knowledge to grow into a senior sales consultant Executlve.

  • After achieving sales target in few year, company will develop you to be the senior sales consultant executive and Team Leader.
Measurement Metrics
  • # of complete contact details
  • # of registration full training class and archive monthly sales target.


We are continuously on the lookout for qualified speakers to present at our training.
One thing all speakers have in common is that they are at the forefront of their industry sector and have information to share which is particularly relevant in the business context. It is this specific experience, which gives our conferences the edge.

Based on the market researching of a training topic and issues, it is our training producer’s task to identify and assemble the most stimulating and appropriate topics and speakers for each training. It is the research and market feedback which determine the training agenda and speakers. The training delegate is our consumer, therefore our task is to find out, through our research, what he or she wants to learn in order to assist them in their tasks in the relevant markets.

To keep our training fresh and exciting, we are continually sourcing new presenters with innovative ideas within their areas of expertise. Speakers must come from organizations well recognized in their fields: they must be senior, experienced speakers of high caliber – and they must offer more than just theory. Training delegates unfailingly rate the most successful conferences as those packed with speakers with practical experience who give case studies.

If you are interested to speak and feel that you meet the criteria just mentioned, we will be happy to place your details in our speaker database.

Please email your Trainer Profile background, area of expertise and contact details to our email trainer@ilearnic.com .Please note that we will only approach you for speaking purposes when an appropriate situation arises. Rest assured however that your information will be appreciated by us and kept in our active files.