A team is a group of people with different abilities, talents, experience and backgrounds who have come together for a shard purpose. Despite their individual differences, that common goal provides the thread that defines them as a team. The success of an organization depends on the collective effort of every employee. No one works alone. Everyone works as a team. Unfortunately teamwork does not just happen. It has to be promoted, organized and nourished through effective leadership and management.

This programme has been put together to help participants realize the importance of working together as a team and recognize their true potentials and enhance their individual excellence to effectively contribute to the overall success of the organisation that they work for. Through hands-on experiential activities and interactions, participants will go through the dynamics of working together towards achieving common goals and how each of them can contribute positively and effectively.

  • How to understand dynamics in conflict.
  • Discover how to break down communication barriers.
  • How to develop action plan that will make company/organization productive and efficient.
  • Learn how to communicate the company’s goals that all employees will understand and be motivated to accomplish.
  • Discover how integrating experiential learning with assessment and feedback radically boosts results.
  • How to facilitate a participant’s experience from reaction to action plan.
  • Assess how each team member approaches their work and what that means for reducing conflict and increasing cooperation.
  • Learn a feedback strategy that motivates co-workers to thank you for your insights.
  • Finding productive ways to deal with differences that helps us to move beyond our disagreements.
  • Learn to set clear objectives and measure performance.
  • Learn to ask for help and how much (or how little) communication there needs to be among co-workers.
  • Discover the importance of communicating ideas and experiences among the group to accomplish goals.
  • By overcoming obstacles the team‘s morale will soar.
  • Discover how having fun and accomplishing goals can be the best morale booster around.
  • Discover how to structure your planning time to produce maximum results.
  • Learn how to avoid the planning pitfalls that every leader faces.
  • Learn guidelines for keeping the team focused on productive planning.
  • Learn how to be an inside consultant to give breakthrough ideas.
  • Thinking outside of “the box” and producing great ideas and solutions.